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Any bought article favours development of

"Garzen Blues Rock Museum"

Objective is to promote a museum of the Blues


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Price (port included) : 2€50

Post Format A3 (port included) : 6€



Size : XL , XXL , L (provided)

available in white and grey

Tee-shirt 100% coton

(port included)

White : 10€

Gray : 12€






Médiator White Zone , impression gilded

Flexible, médium ou hard.

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NEWS 2007

Garzen Sonny Payne Helena Arkansas


Garzen Pat Thomas Highway 61 blues Museum Leland Mississippi


Garzen J.C Moore Rolling Fork Mississippi


Garzen Mighty Mo Rodgers Salaise Blues Festival-fr


The last videos of Garzen with

Honey Mack at Memphis :

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Garzen (Pense Au Blues)